Survival horror game 'We Happy Few' is becoming a movie

From Engadget - April 1, 2017

There's still a lot up in the air.The team does not even have writers, let alone a cast.Compulsion believes the producers have good ideas for maintaining the "menace, dark humor and central themes" of the survival horror title, however, and dj2 says it will stay "true to the source material" while including a few surprises.

There's good reason to be skeptical, since game-based movies only rarely get top-flight screenwriting and acting talent.However, We Happy Few at least has a concept that's well-suited to the big screen.Its alternate history plot, where people are forced to take a mind-altering drug to hide a sinister truth, shares something common with popular movies that revolve around the "town with a dark secret" premise -- think The Wicker Man or even Hot Fuzz.That's a good platform to build on, then.The big challenge is evoking the spirit of those classics without either being overly derivative or diluting what makes the game special.


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