NVIDIA will power self-driving cars in China

From Engadget - July 5, 2017

The pact will also make NVIDIA's deep learning Volta GPUs available to Baidu Cloud customers, optimize Baidu's deep learning platform (PaddlePaddle) for those Volta processors and use Baidu's conversational AI, DuerOS, for voice commands on NVIDIA's Shield TV.

It's a business win for NVIDIA, of course, but it will be particularly important for Baidu and anyone in China eager to take their hands off the wheel.Baidu is determined to catch up to Waymo, GM and other companies that have spent years developing self-driving cars, and creating an open platform with NVIDIA's help (not to mention other partners like Ford, Intel and Microsoft) could help it make up for lost time.This leg up, in turn, could make autonomous driving relatively commonplace in China without needing as much help from foreign brands.


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