Play the lost 'Rayman' prototype if you have a SNES emulator

From Engadget - July 5, 2017
< dir="ltr" lang="en">I have dumped a prototype demo of unreleased Rayman for SNES, here it is! (NB: very early dev build, not a full game) Omar (@ocornut) July 3, 2017

The 1MB build is fairly limited, but Cornut teased that there might be a few hidden bits buried in the code. "The stuff like two-player moded that have been show in screenshots are not really in this build," he told Kotaku. "Perhaps the ROM contains secrets, in which case homebrew hackers will hopefully unearth them soon."

That sounds like a challenge if I ever heard one. If you do not feel like fiddling with an emulator, then peep the gameplay recording embedded below.


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