Kinect is pretty great at scanning dino bones

From Engadget - July 5, 2017

While the Kinect's resolution tops out at 500 micrometers, it only costs $100, compared to thousands of dollars for high-end 3D imaging systems that get down to 50 or 100 micrometers. Still, it was precise enough to scan the skull so scientists can look closer at mysterious holes in the jaw.

There's an easy joke here about using a dinosaur to scan a dinosaur: After reactive outcry following some of Microsoft's Kinect ambitions when the Xbox One launched back in 2013, the gaming titan has slowly shut down the motion-capture camera system. Heck, after only two third-party Kinect-playable games came out in 2016, the developer of one of them (the brilliant Fru) told Engadget at this year's E3 that we should not expect many more games to use the peripheral.


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