Recreate the thrills of '90s PC admin in this browser game

From Engadget - July 6, 2017

It's wonderfully inane, seeing you promoted to positions like 'Senior Administrator' simply for clicking boxes and writing gibberish. After a while you are even rewarded with a little break, allowing you to treat yourself to playing a Pong rip-off or listening to some brilliantly rubbish MIDI tunes.

Speaking to The Verge, Barr explains that the idea for the game came about when he was thinking about a future where automation has eliminated the need for most current jobs. "The game poses as an application that humans who have been put out of work by robots and AI can play as a way to recapture the sense they once had of doing work and being productive," writes Barr. "It's a kind of semi-condescending service offered by this new world to those of us who ca not deal with it."


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