Insurance group: Tesla's Model S is safe, but not super safe

From Engadget - July 6, 2017

The sticking point with the Model S, and other vehicles like the Chevy Impala and Ford Taurus, is down to a specific examination the IIHS runs. Back in 2012, the body began running the Small Overlap Frontal Test, which crashes into 25 percent of the body at 40 miles per hour. The examination is the equivalent of some yahoo crossing the median strip on a highway and smashing into your front fender. It's the sort of crash that puts far more stress on your car's structure, and also causes plenty of serious injuries.

The agency takes great pains to stress that the Model S is by no means an unsafe car, earning second, rather than first, place in the test. The reason for the demerit is twofold: the safety belt was too loose, and the crunch encroached on the cabin too much in one of the tests. The IIHS also noted that the Model S' headlights are not the best, but that it also has yet to test the higher-performance versions of that same car. So, in summary, the IIHS says that the Model S is pretty damn safe, but there are circumstances where it may not be the safest.


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