Add HBO to your Hulu plan before 'Game of Thrones' premieres

From Engadget - July 6, 2017

In 2015, Hulu made Showtime available to its subscribers for $9/month ($2 less than other platforms). It's worth noting, though, that there's no such discount with this current deal. Subscribers will pay $14.99/month for HBO and $9.99 per month for Cinemax, like they will anywhere else. Any Hulu subscriber, regardless of tier, will have the option to subscribe to these channels.

Another caveat: The subscriptions are only available on devices with the updated Hulu experience, which include the fourth generation Apple TV, Xbox One, iOS and Android. The subscriptions will include access to on-demand content, and viewers will have access to both east and west coast live feeds of HBO and Cinemax in coming weeks. HBO subscribers will also be able to watch the network's broad range of channels, from HBO 2 to ActionMAX HD, live.


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