Amazon expands its wine lineup with three semi-exclusive bottles

From Engadget - July 6, 2017

King Estate Winery launched a whole new division called King Vintners that created Next. It will eventually produce four more brands alongside Next, though it did not say whether those will also launch on Amazon Wine. The company specializes in organic, limited production wines and calls itself "the kings of Pinot since 1991."

Amazon Wine's Nick Loeffler said "We are thrilled to connect wineries, like King Estate, with millions of customers and give them an innovative format to launch new brands." The Next brand will also be offered on Amazon and King's own website, but no one has said if or when it will also be available in wine stores or elsewhere.

Amazon is pretty serious about wine, probably because about $38 billion worth of the fermented grapes were sold in the US in 2015, outstripping sales even in France (to be fair, America does have nearly five times the population). In Japan, another wine-mad country, it even has free sommeliers on call to let you know whether your wine has hints of tobacco or cherries, and which foods to pair with your purchase.


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