Muse makes bizarre music video with AI and found footage

From Engadget - July 6, 2017

The video will update daily with newly scraped video that contains the words to the song; the AI tool then strings it all together and times the lyrics with the background music to create an oddly satisfying rendition of Muse's tune. Each lyric is spoken by a different person, and is highlighted with subtitles to help the whole thing hang together. Today's video includes clips from people like Donald Trump, Caitlyn Jenner and Ellen Degeneres, interspersed with a grid of cable news channels between spoken lyrics.

The project was put together by tech development agency Branger_Briz as a way to bring AI to the forefront of the artistic endeavor. "We think it's important to have public discourse about the promise and perils of these emerging and incredibly influential technologies and it's great to work with Muse to instigate those conversations," said the agency in a statement.


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