Judge sides with Twitter in lawsuit against the US government

From Engadget - July 6, 2017

Twitter says the inability to write the precise number of government requests violates its First Amendment rights. On the other hand, the DOJ and the FBI argue that allowing companies to reveal them would harm national security. Well, Judge Rogers did not see things the same way the government does, writing in the court order that "the Government has not presented evidence, beyond a generalized explanation, to demonstrate that disclosure of the information in the Draft Transparency Report would present such a grave and serious threat of damage to national security as to meet the applicable strict scrutiny standard."

She has also granted Twitter's request to expedite its lead counsel's security clearance process, so that he can review classified materials relevant to the case. While that's definitely a win for Twitter and other tech companies who want to disclose the government requests they get to the public, as well, the social network's legal battle is far from over. The case's next hearing is already scheduled to take place in Oakland on August 14th this year.


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