What are 4K Assets and Why Do We Need Them?

From N4G - July 9, 2017
JaguarEvolved7h ago(Edited 7h ago)

You fanboys are silly and it's futile to reason with people making decisions without any rationale. If i say ps4 is selling more than twice the xbox one its the truth. If i say the ps4 has way more exclusives than the Xbox one its the truth as well. I know some of you xbox fanboys ca not stand to hear the truth so you will make up alternative truths to match your silly dreams. You lot do not want to play games and like to slag off exclusive titles and try to back up your weak argument by saying third party games are better or that they sell more. Take a game like anthem, a lot of fanboys are talking about how amazing that game will be on the xbox one x but it will be a lot better performance-wise on pc. It may perform marginally better on xbox one x over ps4 but it will be a lot better on pc.

I have not a ps4 but will get a ps4 pro for gran turismo, God of war, Spider-Man, days gone, Detroit, and some other games that look amazing where the best place to play them is on playstation 4. Also those games are not available anywhere else and they look flipping amazing so I have to get a ps4. I already have a Xbox one so I do not want to waste money to get a Xbox one x to still have a lot of compromises when I can just buy a video card cheaper than the xbox one to run games at with way better performance. You fanboys just want a resolution box that will use a lot of the techniques ps4 pro is using to achieve 4k with compromises. Why would I buy a Xbox one x instead of a ps4 when ps4 has a lot more games that I ca not play anywhere else just so I can play marginally better on xbox one x at an expensive price. I already have an Xbox one already and I play a lot of Xbox games on my pc.


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