Saturn's largest moon has enough energy to run a colony

From Engadget - July 9, 2017

Some generation methods would be more realistic than others.Wind power would only be truly effective in the upper atmosphere (albeit 10 times more effective than on Earth) and would require tethered turbines.Solar energy, meanwhile, would be the most daunting.Titan barely gets any sunlight, so you'd need a tremendous number of solar panels.A population roughly that of the US, about 300 million, would require enough panels that you could cover the US.Solar would clearly be more of an energy supplement than a primary source, then.Spaceship crews would love Titan, though, as the surplus of methane could turn the moon into a giant fuel depot.

A separate study notes that Titan's lakes are calm enough that you could land probes without too much trouble, clearing a path for human visitors.


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