Duo sets record for driving an electric car coast-to-coast

From Engadget - July 9, 2017

D'Souza and Hart managed the record through a combination of absolute discipline and a bit of luck. They explain to The Verge that they only stopped to eat once during the trip (they otherwise subsisted on snacks) and had to maintain a rigid nap schedule to keep driving around the clock. And of course, there's the not-so-small matter of optimizing the car's range and charging opportunities. They had to know when to ignore the car's stop-and-charge recommendations, and when they could afford to invoke air conditioning without using too much battery power. Combine that monk-like discipline with an absence of traffic snarls (even in NYC) and it's not shocking that they set the record.

There's a good chance that someone else will break the record before long. A team with a 100D might arrive sooner with little effort, and faster EV chargers could easily lop hours off the travel time once compatible vehicles hit the road. The achievement still shows how far EVs have come in just a few years, though (Edmunds took nearly 68 hours in 2013), and it could easily serve as a benchmark for EV enthusiasts wanting to show how far the technology has come.


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