Twitter adds more mute options to help filter out abuse

From Engadget - July 10, 2017

Now you have even more control over your notifications. Mute accounts that do not follow you, new accounts, and more.

Twitter Safety (@TwitterSafety) July 10, 2017

Last year, Twitter launched its quality filter tool as well as an option to mute notifications and messages from people you do not follow. Later, it began muting conversation reply notifications from people you have blocked or muted, even if they @ you and began restricting the reach of accounts deemed abusive. Earlier this year, Twitter introduced filter settings that let users mute accounts if they had the default egg avatars or unverified email addresses or phone numbers and it began testing a feature that would grey out profiles that might contain sensitive content. And in May, the website started siphoning off DMs from people you do not follow and putting them into a new "Requests" inbox.


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