Nintendo dominates gaming brands in Junes TV advertising

Nintendo dominates gaming brands in Junes TV advertising
From N4G - July 10, 2017
Gemmol1d ago (Edited 1d ago )

nintendo never spent this type of money before, its because apps giving them extra funds without dipping in their pockets, look at fire emblem for mobile in 2 days it made 5 million dollars


Super mario run was downloaded 150 million times with less than 10 percent paying for it, last I remember when it was at 120 million downloads it was at 6 percent paid for if 6 percent paid out of 150 million

6% of 150000000= 9,000,000

that means 9,000,000 people paid for the game, if the game is 10 dollars, that is 90 million in cash
and mind you fire emblem made the 5 million all the way in February when it came out, so it probably bring in a lot because nintendo said in their recent meeting that Fire Emblem made more revenue than Super Mario Run, and in Japan it stays in the top 10, not sure about other countries and america.

Then you have Switch selling at a profit, same with 3ds, and this is why Nintendo stock going up and up and why Nintendo market value ahead of Sony right now

........they are swimming in cash

so I have a feeling with the apps and future apps coming, animal crossing and etc......they will keep using those funds to fund their advertisement


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