Tech Hunters: Bringing the Tamagotchi back to life

From Engadget - July 11, 2017

These days, Pokmon has the cute creature-based game market all sewn up, but back in the 90s it was a completely different affair. Phones still had some way to go towards being anywhere near smart, so it was up to tiny pocket devices like the Tamagotchi to keep little ones entertained.

The Tamagotchi -- a portmanteau of the Japanese words for egg (tamago) and friend (tomodachi) -- was created by Bandai employee Aki Maita and formally introduced by the company back in 1996. The toy required kids (of all ages) to care for a virtual pet, allowing them to experience the responsibility of feeding, cleaning and maintaining the health of their cute digital companion. They pooped and they died when you forgot to feed them, but you were always safe in the knowledge that you could always start again.


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