Senators warn the FCC to be ready for net neutrality comments

From Engadget - July 11, 2017

The Day of Action was organized by non-profit Battle for the Net, and is backed by Google, Facebook, Amazon, the ACLU, Etsy, Kickstarter, the Electric Frontier Foundation, Mozilla, Vimeo, Greenpeace, Reddit and Netflix, among many others. All day tomorrow, websites, online communities and others will use banners and GIFs to show how the internet could change without strong neutrality rules. They will also direct users to send comments urging net neutrality protection to Congress and the FCC via its electronic communication filing system (ECFS).

Senators Ron Wyden from Oregon and Hawaii's Brian Schatz wrote that the FCC's excuses about about a DDOS incident in May that stopped users from making comments were suspicious and, in any case, irrelevant. The "attack," they said, just happened to occur after a "television host's call to action." That's referring to John Oliver's net neutrality screed in May that pushed tens of thousands to Oliver's "," which redirects to the FCC's comment site.

Due to the timing of the May 7-8 attack, which took place after a television host's call to action, we are concerned that a similar attack may be planned to disrupt the Day of Action.


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