GoPro is testing its 360 VR camera with select broadcasters

From Engadget - July 11, 2017

The complete list of Fusion broadcasters also includes AccuWeather, Digital Domain, Getty Images, Legend 3D, Rapid VR, travel blogger Louis Cole, and RYOT (which is owned by Oath, Engadget's parent company). GoPro claims it handpicked the first batch of pilot program partners based on their experiences with 360-degree storytelling.

It also probably helps that the likes of Fox Sports and the Golden State Warriors have massive online followings. This would essentially let them test out GoPro's QuikStories smart editing software, which seems custom-built for distributing short-form video (like sports clips) on Facebook and Twitter. Although, Zuckerberg and co. would probably prefer broadcasters to use their 360 hardware instead.


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