Facebook will test Messenger ads worldwide

From Engadget - July 11, 2017

Messenger product lead Stan Chudnovsky tells VentureBeat that it's a simple matter of income: advertising is "how we are going to be making money right now."There are "other business models" under consideration, he says, but they all tie into ads.In short: do not expect Facebook to have second thoughts as long as it's making billions of dollars in profit from ads.

Facebook does care about the kinds of ads you see.While it's fine with ads kicking you to a website, it would prefer that ads lead to chats with businesses.You are more likely to respond to an ad if it takes you to another conversation inside the chat app, Chudnovsky says.The question is whether or not people will simply roll with the changes or balk at them.It's entirely likely that people will just shrug and move on, but there is a chance this could steer some users toward ad-free alternatives.


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