LG will reveal the V30 on August 31st

From Engadget - July 12, 2017

That might be reflected in leaks.If you believe renders put out by OnLeaks and MySmartPrice, the V30 will look like a larger, curvier G6 with a different take on the dual rear camera layout.That's good news if you like the basic concept behind the G6, but it also suggests that the V-series' signature secondary display (and the removable battery) is going away.Sorry, folks.

It's safe to say that the V30 will carry a speedier Snapdragon 835 processor, so this might allay complaints that the G6 was saddled with last year's 821 (reportedly to avoid delays while Samsung snapped up early 835 chips).And historically, V-series phones have been big on features that appeal to mobile enthusiasts, such as high-quality audio DACs and manual camera controls.The V30 might not be particularly exciting, then, but a souped-up G6 would not be that bad in our books.The G6 was a back-to-basics phone that nailed fundamentals LG had been ignoring for too long -- the V30 would be a refinement of that formula.


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