Ride-hailing services in NYC must now offer a tipping option

From Engadget - July 13, 2017

"[O]nce these app-based companies dominated the market they slashed driver pay in a race to the bottom," the pamphlet reads. "To make matters worse, the biggest ride-hail company, Uber, told passengers tips were not expected..." By making the option available in-app, passengers will be more likely to give their drivers something extra

While NYC has only just approved the new rule, the proposal has definitely affected ride-hailing services' decisions these past few months. Lyft has offered in-app tipping for years, but it also recently introduced more tipping options in an effort to entire more passengers to be generous. Uber was resistant to the idea, but it finally caved and added a tipping option in June. It was initially available only in a handful of locations, but TechCrunch says the feature began rolling out in NYC last week.


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