Juicero admits its hype machine is still too expensive

From Engadget - July 14, 2017

Juicero's first machine, originally priced at $700 and later reduced to $400, was put on blast by Bloomberg, which showed that you do not actually need the juicer to get juice from its packets, you just have to squeeze them. And its components were found to be unnecessarily complicated. Now the company is reportedly aiming for a $200 price point for its next version. "The current prices of $399 for the Press and $5 - $7 for produce Packs are not a realistic way for us to fulfill our mission at the scale to which we aspire," said Dunn in the letter.

Juicero will be concentrating its efforts on product development and manufacturing as it continues to design its next juicer. Dunn also noted that Juicero founder Doug Evans, while staying on as a board member, would be stepping back from daily operations. In his letter, Dunn claims that after Juicero offered returns for full refunds following the Bloomberg report, less than five percent of customers chose to return their press. But, regardless, the planned price cuts and staff reductions show that the company knows its current model is not sustainable.


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