PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X: the Childish Side of Console War

PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X: the Childish Side of Console War
From N4G - July 15, 2017
XStation4pio_Pro2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

What's childish is pretending that nobody has 4k tvs and that nobody wants them or pretending that the launch gen8s were good enough. I wish Xbox and ps would have supported 4k from initial launch... or been ready for it. The gen 8 launches were already the lowest power jumps of any console generation. The pro and one x were corrections.

From cnet:
4K for all

Non-4K TVs wo not go away entirely in 2017, but at CES in particular they will be rarer than $5-blackjack tables. Basically every TV on display, announced or talked about will have 4K resolution, from the massive-screened booth magnets to the 40-inch demo units used to show off another technology entirely. All those extra pixels (four times as many as standard 1080p TVs) do not really cost much extra to manufacture anymore, and all but the cheapest TVs sold in 2017 will have 4K resolution.

Now, as 4K resolution becomes dominant among all major new TVs released by each major brand and is further enhanced by the introduction of increasingly common HDR display technology, the market for 4K TVs in 2017 is growing without signs of slowdown.

This is backed up by numbers and educated guesses as well. According to the most recent findings from the research firm Futuresource consulting, sales of 4K ultra HD TVs will expand a further 38% by the end of 2017 and will make up over a third of all TV sales for this year.

I am sure I will get disagrees but just know you are disagreeing with facts not opinion.


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