Xbox One in Numbers: PS4 had 33% more great releases than XBox One

Xbox One in Numbers: PS4 had 33% more great releases than XBox One
From N4G - July 15, 2017
moldybread1d 8h ago

"Exactly why I chose PS4. They always have the greatest games. Xbox doesnt have many interesting games or any real exclusives for the matter."

So true. I mean how can anyone like Forza if they like GT? I laugh every time I read comments like this as though they need to be brand loyal to the nth degree. Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 3, Killert Instinct, Cuphead, State of Deacy 2, Sea of thieves, Crackdown 3, Halo, Gears of War, Ori and the Blind Forest...

How can anyone call themselves a gamer if they have to ignore every title on a competing platform and publically tell everyone (ALL THE TIME) none of them are intersting just to validtae their purchase?

"Zooming in to the releases, we observe that Microsofts platform saw release of at least 5 good titles every month since August,2014 while Sonys platform got a similar streak going on since March,2014. Surprisingly, XBO is not too far behind in churning out steady flow of good games."

"In our analysis period of 43 months starting from November,2013 to June,2017, XBox One(XBO) saw a release of 1305 titles compared to 1888 titles on PS4"

But I thought the Xbox One has no games?


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