Poll suggests most Americans don't like how Trump uses Twitter

From Engadget - July 17, 2017

The news outlets add that the the value of Trump's Twitter use drops sharply among anyone who is not a white man.About 78 percent of women call his tweets inappropriate versus 58 percent of men, while 65 percent of non-white people see them as dangerous versus 46 percent for whites.

It's important to take the poll with a grain of salt.While ABC and WaPo used scientific methods, they covered only 1,001 random people -- that's a decent poll size, but it's not guaranteed to extrapolate to the American voting population.Also, Republicans were a relative minority at 23 percent of respondents versus 35 percent Democrats and 35 percent independents.While that wo not necessarily change some figures, it's not a perfect microcosm of American voting habits.


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