Comcast tells the FCC that net neutrality should be voluntary

From Engadget - July 17, 2017

In its support of the rollbacks proposed by the FCC, Comcast said, "Such regulation is entirely unnecessary, outdated, and imposes substantial costs that undermine investment and innovation and undercut efforts to bridge the digital divide and deploy broadband to all Americans." Its dialogue has been to draw a line between net neutrality and the Title II regulations adopted by the FCC in 2015, saying you can have the former without the latter. Comcast even went so far as to say, "While some seem to want to create hysteria that the Internet as we know it will disappear if their preferred regulatory scheme is not in place, that's just not reality," in a Day of Action post.

As far as innovation is concerned, Comcast claims that an FCC investigation held up its wide release of Stream TV, directly affecting consumers. And in its post today, Comcast heavily promoted statistics on internet growth occurring before 2015, saying the "internet was working very well" prior to the regulations put in place two years ago, but it did not provide support for the idea that Title II actively hampers innovation or technological growth. And as TechCrunch points out, with such little data to be had in regards to the effects of Title II on innovation, drawing strong conclusions about its negative impact is a little reckless.

However, Comcast continued to claim that regardless of the outcome, it would remain "committed to the core tenets of a free and open internet," and stated, "We have repeatedly pledged from the highest levels of our companyfrom Comcast Corporation Chairman and CEO Brian Roberts, Comcast Cable President and CEO David Watson, and from methat we do not and will not block, slow down, or discriminate against lawful content."


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