Prisma hopes to market its AI photo filtering tech

From Engadget - August 20, 2017

The Prisma app is staying put, to be clear -- it has 5 million to 10 million monthly users, which is no mean feat for a small startup.It just wo not be the sole focus.

There's no mention of initial customers, but Facebook likely is not in the running given that it already riffed on the photo filtering concept soon after Prisma became popular. Not that Prisma is averse to dealing with its erstwhile rival. Co-founder Alexey Moiseenkov visited Facebook in 2016, and other founder Aram Airapetyan said it "does not matter" who Prisma works with, so long as it can pursue its technology. Do not be surprised if its technology is interesting enough that a larger company eventually decides that it eventually needs to snap up all of Prisma, rather than paying for a toolkit.


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