ITV's new celebrity show uses social media to mug off the public

From Engadget - September 15, 2017

We are using the term "celebrities" loosely here, of course, since we are talking about Sunday league footballer Jamie O'Hara, David Hasselhoff's daughter, and others of a similar calibre including "stars" of The Only Way is Essex and Geordie Shore. As Variety explains, these... showmances (kill me) have already taken place prior to the show, generating many a tabloid story -- you know, the kind that manages to turn a couply selfie posted on Instagram into a 500-word "news" piece. Media interest has already exposed some of these phoney pairings, in fact.

The show will follow these participation-fee fiends from the butterflies-in-the-tummy stage through to bitter breakup. Each episode, they will complete totes lols challenges that crescendo into the perfect social media moment. Whichever couple gets the most Facebook likes, retweets and such "wins," whatever that means in this context.


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