UK police are using detection dogs that can sniff out USB drives

From Engadget - September 15, 2017

The dogs have been busy. While executing one warrant, Tweed sniffed out what looked like a Coke can. On closer inspection, officers found that the can was instead a can-shaped money box, which had been used to hide a number of SD cards. In a separate search, Rob was able to track down a device hidden carefully in a draw that would likely have been missed during a visual search. The duo have already been used in a over 50 warrants across Britain, including Hampshire, Essex, South Wales and North Yorkshire.

So-called Digital Storage Detection Police Dogs are widely used in the US, with both the Connecticut State police and the FBI employing their own device-seeking canines. A collaboration was formed between Devon & Cornwall and Dorset Police and the US authorities in December 2016, allowing Police Constable Graham Attwood and his team to begin working on training Tweed and Rob, which were specifically brought in for the programme.


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