The Morning After: Friday, September 15th 2017

The Morning After: Friday, September 15th 2017
From Engadget - September 15, 2017

It's promising better storage, speed, photos and more.
Google's next Pixel smartphones arrive October 4th

As rumors suggest, Google's turn at the smartphone churn is set for October 4th. A search-box-centered teaser video is promising a phone that works better and does not slow down -- we are assuming it will lean heavily on the company's new version of Android, then. We will be there to report all about it.

The grand finale.
Follow Cassini's final moments before it plunges into Saturn

As you read this, the Cassini spacecraft may be sending back its final images from Saturn. After thirteen years of operation, its grand finale includes a plunge into the planet's atmosphere, sending back data and pictures until it's destroyed. NASA predicts it will lose contact with the spacecraft around 7:55 AM ET, so recap Cassini's most exciting discoveries, then tune into a NASA TV live stream starting around 7 AM ET.

The demo iPhone X locked up because it tried authenticating faces before the show.
Apple says too many faces ruined its Face ID stage demo

When Apple OS chief Craig Federighi tried to demo Face ID on stage during Cupertino's annual iPhone event, it did not quite work as he expected. "Your passcode is required to enable Face ID" popped up, eliciting a nervous chuckle from Craig and forcing him to switch to the spare demo phone. While people were quick to say that Face ID failed its first test, the hiccup apparently happened not because iPhone X's star feature did not work, but because it worked too well. Sure it did.

Senator Al Franken has written Tim Cook a letter with his concerns.
Apple questioned about Face ID security by the US Senate

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