Amazon is building a haunted house to hype its spooky 'Lore' series

From Engadget - September 15, 2017

That means rooms set up to tell creepy stories about real events that often settled into local legend -- fodder the podcast has covered since creator Aaron Mahnke launched it in 2015. Amazon bought the rights to adapt the audio show into a six-episode series back in April 2016, but creating a local and immersive "experience" to hype viewers up for the show is a newer fad. Much like the Blade Runner 2049 VR experience that dropped at Comic-Con in July to get folks excited for that film's upcoming debut, SoCal fans of the Lore podcast will have something else to rock their spooky socks next month.

Just Fix It Productions built and is running Lore: A Haunting Experience, which will be located in Los Angeles event space Magic Box. Eight people at a time can take the one-hour walking tour, which opens on October 5th and closes on November 12th.


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