Electric car prototype is built for Africa's rural roads

From Engadget - September 16, 2017

It has a rugged, four-wheel drive design that can handle dirt roads and off-roading.It only has about 50 miles of range, but the very nature of an electric motor makes it both well-suited to clearing obstacles (since it always has full torque) and more reliable.Also, it's modular -- it can switch between carrying passengers and cargo, and you can even use the battery to power a winch or other equipment beyond the car.

The aCar completed real-world tests in Ghana this July, and it's already expected to go into production (eventually in Africa) with a target price below 10,000 (about $11,944).That's not a trivial expense, but it's far more affordable than the Nissan Leaf and other vehicles that would not be as well-suited to the African landscape.


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