Snapchat's AR art installations are live in select cities

From Engadget - October 3, 2017

The art installation tool looks a lot like Snapchat's world lens technology, which brings animations into the real world via your smartphone camera, much like AR app Holo does. Snap has opened up the AR system to advertisers, as well, including Warner Bros. and Bud Light. If you are an artist, you can submit your own art for consideration. Clicking the Artists Welcome button on Snap's art page leads to a form to fill in with your name, email, link to your art portfolio, and a spot to tell them more about yourself.

To find Koons' artwork, you will need to have the latest Snapchat app update and be within 300m of the Lens location. Tap the camera screen to bring up the Lens carousel and you should see the installation easily -- they are the equivalent of three stories tall. If you are a bit too far off, an on-screen guide will take you to the Lens. Sculptures will be available at each location for a couple of weeks, a Snap spokesperson told Engadget, and will travel to a new spot, which will show up on the art website, too.


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