Microsoft Has A Hardware Problem

Microsoft Has A Hardware Problem
From N4G - October 11, 2017
Apocalypse Shadow12h ago(Edited 12h ago)

The problem was that there would have been no support for VR on Xbox one x at a profitable level at this time going into Christmas for developers. Gamers were told that Xbox one x was the **only** compatible Xbox for VR. There is only going to be so many Xbox one x's sold and a fraction of gamers would have purchased VR for it. If some gamers are spending $500 for the system, there would have been less than that spending **ANOTHER** $400-$500 for VR.

No developer is going to be wasting time money and effort on a market that small. Microsoft excused it as **we did not want to distract developers at this time**. But the reality was that developers were not interested in losing money developing games or porting games to Xbox for a small market.

If Microsoft did not do any hands on experience to garner developer, journalist and gamer support like oculus, valve and Sony did for their headsets before launching them, there's no way in knowing how many consumers would be interested. Microsoft spent so much time hyping Hololens to overshadow VR at E3 and never released it for consoles. That was a "distraction."

Microsoft's plan now is to try and get control of the PC VR/AR market by flooding the market with hardware.

Step 1
Embrace: Development of software substantially compatible with a competing product, or implementing a public standard.

So right now, they are trying to create a public standard with OEM VR headsets. And made MR compatible with Steam. First step to try and monopolize. We know the rest which is EXTEND and EXTINGUISH.

Then later, make those headsets compatible with both Xbox one and Xbox one x as Microsoft dropped the " high fidelity VR " from their marketing. MR now has low and ultra compatibility on PC which should translate over to both Xbox systems. Xbox one will play some games and experiences. But Xbox one x will play all of them if you can afford it.

But right now, it was not worth it to developers or Microsoft unless they wanted to make no money on Xbox VR.


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