Tom DeLonge needs your help funding his next UFO obsession

From Engadget - October 12, 2017

To The Stars Academy says it strives to be a powerful vehicle for change and that its members will have the "freedom to explore exotic science and technologies with the infrastructure and resources to rapidly transition them to products that can change the world." Phew. The Academy will focus on three pillars: science, aerospace and entertainment.

For science, DeLonge and Co. want to study consciousness, brain-computer interfaces, UAPs and telepathy. That's in addition to a proposed human ultra-experience database that they hope will collect "supranormal experienced, with the goal of creating proprietary algorithms to find detailed patterns and correlate them with other academic research." Sure.

As far as the other pillars go, To the Stars wants to further develop the tech needed to launch small satellites into orbit using ground-based lasers. Entertainment includes plans to develop a feature film, further expand Delonge's Sekret Machines novel and move into animation and short films.

To The Stars is raising money via crowdfunding and currently has pulled in $265,605 from 535 investors.


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