An appreciation of 2017's in-game shopkeepers

An appreciation of 2017's in-game shopkeepers
From Engadget - October 13, 2017

Kilton, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

It's easy to imagine Kilton soaring through the skies of Hyrule in his patchwork hot-air balloon, whipping over fields and grazing mountaintops, surrounded by bundles of monster parts and masks. It's easy to imagine, but we never actually see this -- instead, Hyrule's favorite five-head is always nearby (as long as it's nighttime), ready to sell you a stockpile of exclusive clothing and accessories. You just have to find him first.

Crazy Cap clerks, Super Mario Odyssey

In a game all about hats, the Crazy Cap store does not disappoint. One of its most charming locations is in Tostarena, where friendly, bright skeletons stand by wearing caps on caps on caps while you browse their headwear.

All of the merchants, Splatoon 2

Nintendo does "charming" extremely well, as demonstrated by every one of the sea-creature shopkeepers in Splatoon 2. There's Murch the emo sea urchin, Bisk the sneaker-obsessed spider crab, Flo the bohemian sea slug and her shrimp buddy Craymond, Jelfonzo the stylish jellyfish, and Sheldon the horseshoe crab and weapons expert. And then there's Crusty Sean -- he's a food-truck operator who is, in fact, a giant tempura-crusted shrimp. It's either irreverently adorable or incredibly morbid, but since this is Nintendo, we will go with the latter.

Porkrind, Cuphead

"Welcome," Porkrind growls as you enter the Emporium. His voice is gruff and he has an eye patch over a twirled villain's mustache. However, any danger in his demeanor is dispelled by his pink upturned nose and floppy ears -- it's hard to be scared by a pig in overalls. Cuphead is a feat of visual delight, and Porkrind fits into this retro world brilliantly, evoking the image of Porky Pig every time he waves goodbye and the screen circles to black.

Tae Takemi, Persona 5


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