Google pledges $1 billion to prepare workers for automation

From Engadget - October 13, 2017

The Grow with Google website houses several programs both teachers and students (of any age) can use. One of the most notable programs is a free Udacity scholarship in Android or web development for 50,000 individuals, even those with no prior experience. In addition, the Grow with Google initiative will be holding events across the US in the coming months to provide free training and demos provided by Googlers.

While the initiative's offerings are for US residents, Google has also pledged $1 billion in grants to non-profits that also aim to help people prepare for the changing nature of work in an increasingly high-tech world. The big G is not the only tech giant aiming to prevent massive job losses brought about by automation and technology in general. In Michigan, Facebook also pledged $25.5 million in training the state's workers for high-tech jobs.


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