Security firm claims to thwart iPhone X's Face ID with special mask

From Engadget - November 11, 2017

The researchers maintain that they did not have to 'cheat' to make this work.The iPhone X was trained from a real person's face, and it only required roughly $150 in supplies (not including the off-the-shelf 3D printer).The demo shows Face ID working in one try, too, although it's not clear how many false starts Bkav had before producing a mask that worked smoothly.The company says it started working on the mask on November 5th, so the completed project took about 5 days.

Apple declined to comment when asked about the claim.However, Bkav is quick to acknowledge that the effort involved makes it difficult to compromise "normal users."As with fake fingers, this approach is more of a concern for politicians, celebrities and law enforcement agents whose value is so high that they are worth days of effort.If someone is so determined to get into your phone that they build a custom mask and have the opportunity to use it, you have much larger security concerns than whether or not Face ID is working.


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