7 Handy Google Assistant Tricks You Didn't Know About

7 Handy Google Assistant Tricks You Didn't Know About
From Gizmodo - November 13, 2017

Google Assistant is keen on taking as big a role in your life as possible, and to that end Google keeps pouring new features into the app, whether its on your phone, your dinky smart speaker, your Pixelbook, or your Nvidia Shield. Here are 7 capabilities that the Assistant has been given that you might not have made use of yetweve specifically tested them on phones, but they should work to some extent on other devices too.

1) It can track flight prices for you

Ask Google Assistant about flight pricesfrom, say, Los Angeles to New Yorkand not only will it come up with a selection of prices from the biggest airlines, it will also display a track prices button you can tap (or just say track prices as your next voice command to set up the feature).

Youll get an email delivered to your Gmail inbox to confirm that price tracking has been activated, and the Assistant will pipe up whenever it finds a lowest price thats higher or lower than the one it originally gave you. Follow the link in the email you get, or head to this link, to manage your flight tracking subscriptions.

2) It can navigate through your photos

Actually tapping and swiping through your photos is so 2016nowadays all the cool kids are getting are shouting their demands into their phone to bring up the right images instead. Though those images need to be stored in Google Photos first.

You might not think it sounds all that useful to begin with, but give it a try and you could be convinced. Try show my photos of sunsets, or show my photos from January 2015", or show my photos taken in San Francisco, for example.

3) It can help you create your own memes

This is one of Googles new Voice Experiments, which also let you tell stories, make music, and set up quizzes with Google Assistant. The meme generator is the easiest to use

Its called Meme Buddy and all you need to do is fire up Google Assistant on your phone and say talk to Meme Buddyyou then get guided through the process of creating an ultra-shareable, culturally cutting meme of your own just by describing it. You can say change the picture to... or change the text to... or just start again.

As the name of the umbrella project suggests, this is still just an experiment, so you might not get perfect results every time, but its a great little tool for having fun with.

4) It can throw content to your Chromecast

Google Assistant works seamlessly with any Chromecasts youve got dotted around the house, provided youve given them names that Assistant can understand (like study, kitchen, or living room, for example).

If youre signed up for Netflix, you can say play Orange is the New Black in Living Room; if youve got Spotify, you can say play R.E.M. on Spotify in Kitchen (or use Google Play Music instead); saying play Star Wars videos in Study will fire up your study Chromecast and start streaming a selection of Star Wars-themed videos from YouTube.

5) It can deliver daily subscriptions

6) It can summarize all the thoughts youve had during the day

7) It can update your Facebook and Twitter pages together


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