Spotify sells cosmetics now

From Engadget - November 13, 2017

This form of cross-brand cross-pollination is an ever-increasing aspect of how businesses and individuals make money online. The FTC-troubling Kardashians often hawk products on their Instagram pages and YouTubers earn commission on products that they endorse. All of this creates a feedback loop whereby social media stars burnish their own brands as they become pitch-people for the gear they are hawking. This deal, as well, helps promote Lindemann's next single, Obsessed, which drops November 17th.

It makes sense, too, since there are plenty of cosmetics companies, all looking for ways of carving a niche for their fans. Why buy the generic store brand if you can grab the eye palette or lip pencil of your social media / musical icons? Although it will be very interesting to see how many other artists -- beyond Rihanna -- jump on this new business line -- we are looking forward to seeing what Tom Waits offers up.


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