Bose uses Indiegogo to test wireless earbuds for sleep

From Engadget - November 13, 2017

"Tiny and ultra-comfortable," wrote the company in the description for its promotional video, "our new Bose noise-masking sleepbuds replace the unwanted noises that keep you up with soothing sounds that lull you to sleep. But before we launch them later in 2018, we are looking for our Indiegogo audience to help us test our prototype and provide feedback."

The campaign is still in its prototype stage, which means it only has a working demo of the "sleepbuds." The devices have a rechargeable micro-battery for two nights of sleep per charge, noise-isolating eartips and sound-masking technology that includes soothing sounds preloaded on the built-in flash memory. They come with an Earpod-like charging case that will keep the buds charged when not in use. As the sleepbuds are designed to sleep in, you can set a personal alarm for the morning, letting you wake up without your partner hearing the alarm sounds.


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