MekaMon is an anime-styled battle bot you pilot with your phone

From Engadget - November 15, 2017

While duking it out in an AR version of Asteroids has its charms, where MekaMon really shines is when you pit two of the robots in a head-to-head battle in the real world. One player sets up a battle on their device that the other player joins, with the system keeping track of both robot's damage levels and other stats. You can set up a battle arena with obstacles that the robots have to climb over or barriers they can hide behind. In my testing the robots really excelled at making it over various piles of books and squatting to fit behind a wooden box.

Instead of relying on brute force, MekaMon robots use virtual projectiles represented by plastic guns you snap onto its torso. These become attacks you can access in the app, with their mechanics heavily inspired by those of collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering or Pokmon. Over time you can assemble a collection of different packages of attacks and defenses, choosing which "deck" you want to equip at the start of each battle.

You can fire virtual missiles or send out EMPs. However, you ca not just spam the button for a never-ending stream of fire; the robot can "overheat" and shut down for a short period of time, leaving it vulnerable.


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