Spacesuit 'take me home' feature could save lost astronauts

From Engadget - December 4, 2017

The trick is to equip the suit with sensors that track motion and position relative to that of a relatively stationary object like a spacecraft, with alternative methods if one system or another does not work.Since GPS is not exactly viable in space, it could use star tracking or vision-boosted navigation to get bearings.Draper is hoping for an autonomous system that would trigger thrusters all on its own, but it's open to the possibility of a manual system that uses an in-visor display and sensory cues to guide astronauts homeward.

This is only a patent, and it is not guaranteed to go into space any time soon.However, NASA has been backing Draper's research -- it's interested in advancing spacesuit design.And as Draper notes, the basic ideas behind this could still be helpful for anyone in a suit who needs an urgent trip home, whether it's a deep sea diver or a firefighter in the middle of a burning building.


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