The Morning After: Wednesday, December 6th 2017

The Morning After: Wednesday, December 6th 2017
From Engadget - December 6, 2017

Thanks to mobile CPUs.'Always Connected' Windows 10 PCs have 20 hours of battery life

Late last year, Microsoft announced plans to make Windows 10 work on ARM CPUs -- usually used in phones and tablets -- and now we have seen the first real devices. The HP Envy x2 and the ASUS NovaGo both have Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chips inside, but run all your usual Windows programs. The best part is that, just like phones, they are instantly on and promise incredible battery life. Plus, AMD is getting in on the trick.

Ooops.How not to store your bitcoin

Some finicky software, a broken laptop and the skyrocketing value of bitcoin combine to make for one epic tale.

Here we go again.Google is blocking YouTube on Amazon's Echo Show and Fire TV

Amazon only recently brought YouTube back to its Echo Show, and now Google says it will block the company's devices again. Google is ticked off because Amazon is not selling some of its hardware or making Prime Video work with Cast, putting the two at odds.We will see who blinks first (or ever).

Yes, we know you would rather use microSD.Samsung's 512GB chip will put PC-like storage in your phone

But wait, there's more...


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