Tesla's Model 3 patch adds futuristic features like an FM radio

From Engadget - December 6, 2017

Now, it's highly unlikely anyone actually missed the FM radio, but the tripometer feels like a strange omission. Inside EVs reports that this is why early videos of the Model 3 have disappeared from the internet. Employees were among the first to take delivery of the vehicles, and the publication says that Tesla did not want footage of "unfinished" vehicles floating around online.

The update also adds software to monitor tire air pressure, the easy entry and exit option from the Model S and Model X, and an app for monitoring energy consumption. Hopefully as Tesla ramps up Model 3 production -- only 222 were delivered as of November 1st, with nearly 455,000 to go -- by the time the $35,000 EV ships to customers patches like this wo not be necessary.


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