YouTube's top videos of 2017 include Ed Sheeran and masked singers

From Engadget - December 6, 2017

The music field was a tad more predictable. In 2017, it was largely about Latin music: Luis Fonsi's "Despacito" unsurprisingly ruled the board while J. Balvin/Willy William, Maluma, Chris Jeday, Nicky Jam and Enrique Iglesias also made their presences felt. Outside of that, pop regulars Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Jason Derulo and DJ Khaled made the top 10.

These are not always the most viewed clips ("Despacito" would easily take the win on that front), but they do reflect YouTube's continuing popularity. The site notes that the top trending videos include 633 million views, or 83 million more than the 2016 top 10. While these figures are not likely to reassure creators who may have lost money, they suggest that hitting it big means that you will get a ton of views.


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