Tesla can sell EVs in Missouri again after court win

From Engadget - December 7, 2017

The judge pointed out that the Missouri Auto Dealers Association (MADA) was effectively a Tesla rival trying to avoid competition, not a body looking after the public interest. As such, it did not have any standing to sue. He added, though, that if the state legislature was to update its licensing rules, the legal situation might change. "We will continue to explore the legal avenues available," MADA told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

We have been serving customers in Missouri for almost five years and have contributed to the state economy and jobs for Missourians -- something that will now continue," Tesla said in a statement

Tesla's problems came about in the first place after Missouri lawmakers, at the behest of the powerful auto dealer lobby, sneaked a clause into a bill that essentially banned its direct sales model. Most states have laws that forbid a franchisor (like Ford) from competing against franchisees (Ford dealers). Tesla had complied with the original law because it only does direct-to-consumer sales.


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