The next 'Hearthstone' expansion is a dungeon-delving adventure

From Engadget - December 7, 2017

K&C introduces a new mechanic, Recruit, which summons a minion from your deck and drops them into play. Perfect, right? So efficient! But most Recruit cards are conditional (e.g. only bringing creatures of a certain cost), so you will have to build your decks carefully. As mentioned, each class gets its own legendary-quality weapon, most of which have powerful or lingering effects that make them useful for far more than whacking enemies.

There are also two new card types. Spellstones are spells that increase in power after certain conditions are met keyed to your class (suffer damage as a Warlock, etc), and once powered up, can swing the game in your favor. In keeping with the expansion's Dungeons and Dragons-esque theme, the other new cards are Unidentified Items, which randomly adopt one of four upgrades every game.


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