The best touchscreen winter gloves

The best touchscreen winter gloves
From Engadget - December 8, 2017

Who should buy these

Touchscreen gloves are for anyone who uses a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch and lives (or regularly visits) somewhere that gets cold. At some point or another, you will be out in the cold and need to respond to a text you just received, or to use your device for some other reason, and you wo not want to strip down to do it. Touchscreen gloves are also handy for drivers of cars with touchscreen panels.

How we picked and tested

Over the past several years, we have spent more than 30 hours researching hundreds of gloves. We have conducted testing across cold winters in Oregon and in Buffalo, New York. Some years we have tested during hikes and ski trips, and other times we have used gloves while walking around downtown in the evenings and during daily dog walks. In 2015, we even tested gloves in a 42 F walk-in cooler at Resurgence Brewing Company in Buffalo, New York. We have also tested durability by running strips of Velcro across one glove from each pair to see if they snagged. To read in detail about our tests throughout the years, check out our full guide to touchscreen gloves.

We also interviewed Matthew Meyer, founder of, who has followed the field since 2008 and has reviewed just about every glove available. He looks for three things in every touchscreen glove: grip, 10-finger compatibility, and ease of use (essentially, fit and conductivity).

We looked for gloves that were either gender-neutral or had versions for men and women (though we made some exceptions if a glove really stood out). Fashion was a legitimate concern, but we were more concerned about functionality. We also found that stretchier gloves made from knit and spandex were more pleasant to use with touchscreens, though fleece is a better option if warmth is your top concern.

Every winter, we have noticed that the stock for our touchscreen-gloves picks grows thinner as the weather gets colder. The following picks were available at the time of this writing, but we have had to adjust our recommendations several times over the years due to stock issues.

Our pick

Moshi's Digits are the touchscreen gloves we recommend for most people. First and foremost, they are very good knit winter gloves, as they kept our hands pretty warm in even subfreezing weather. On top of that, we found ourselves able to thumb-type with little issue; with autocorrect turned on, we had zero typos in our typing tests. A rubberized palm helps to keep your phone from slipping out of your hand. For 2017, Moshi added a pattern of dots to the inside of the palm for an even better grip.

Above all else, the snug fit throughout the hand and fingers (including at the tips) and a lack of seams on the fingertips gave the Digits the edge in accuracy and handling over competitors. We were very impressed with the responsiveness in our testing: Despite the gloves' slightly bulky feel, we found typing easy, even with our thumbs.

A thinner pick for warmer climates

Premium leather


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