Russian hackers steal $10 million from ATMs through bank networks

From Engadget - December 11, 2017

The first known attack was in the spring of 2016, when MoneyTaker hit First Data's STAR network (the largest transfer messaging system for ATMs in the US).They also compromised Russia's AW CRB network, and swiped documents for OceanSystems' Fed Link system used by roughly 200 banks across the Americas.And in some cases, the group stuck around after the initial heist -- at least one US bank's documents were stolen twice, while the perpetrators kept spying on Russian bank networks.

While it's not clear who's behind MoneyTaker, you are only hearing about them now because they are particularly clever.They have repeatedly switched their tools and methods to bypass software, and have taken care to erase their tracks.For instance, they have 'borrowed' security certificates from the US federal government, Bank of America, Microsoft and Yahoo.One Russian bank did manage to spot an attack and return some of the ill-gotten gains.


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